Network Wide Leveling

Wanting to earn some more gems or show off just how much of a hardcore fan you are of voidrealms? Look no further than network wide leveling! This is a system where you gain exp just by playing the game normally, your level will show up in chat beside you! Everytime you hit a level milestone you'll gain some gems! To see more information on your level, do /level and you'll see a chat message much like the one in the screenshot below!

Level Milestones

As mentioned before everytime you hit a milestone you are rewarded with gems! You gain more gems from milestones the higher your level is, with the biggest reward being from big milestones! The milestones are every 5 levels, with the big milestones being every 25 levels.

Future Features

We have more plans for leveling as we start to implement more network wide features, such as eventually making gems network wide! Check out #changelogs on the discord and stay tuned for updates!

Created by CrystalNeko