Chat Guide

Chat Guide

What are Channels?

Channels are a system that splits up the chat into separate channels for a more controlled and organized chat!

How many Channels are there?

We currently have 2 separate channels, they are; local and global. We also have a staff channel however obviously only staff can see that!

What does each channel do?

Global - This is a “bungeecord channel”, meaning that everyone on the whole network will be able to see your message, unless they /ignored you.

Local - This is essentially “normal chat”, everyone on your specific server will be able to see and send messages here. For example, if PlayerA sends a message on Creative, only players on creative will be able to see it.

Channel Commands

  • /ch (channel) - This allows you to listen and speak in a certain channel (However for creative you will need to do /chp for public chat as it was interfering with the plot plugin)


Send messages privately to other players! It’s really easy!

Messages Commands

  • /msg [player] - this sends a message to a player

  • /r [player] - this sends a reply message to the most recent person that messaged you.

  • /ignore [playername] - prevents a player from sending you a message. Use /ignore again to unignore them.

  • /ignore list - see everyone you have ignored.


This is a fantastic feature where you can send both offline and online players messages!

Mail Commands

  • /mail list - Shows any new mail messages.

  • /mail list all - Shows all mail messages, even the ones you already have read.

  • /mail <player> <message> - this sends another player a message

  • /mail del <all/read/#number> - this deletes your mail messages.

Other Chat Features

  • /showitem or /si - Type this in chat while holding an item to show it off to other players!

  • /showinventory or /sinv - Type this in chat to show off your whole inventory to the server! [Warlock+]

  • /nick [nickname] - Change your displayed name when typing in chat! [Shaman+]

  • ^ This also works with color codes [Evoker+] and bolding your name! [Sorcerer+]

  • Chat in colors! Using color codes in front of your messages will make the message appear in the color you choose! [Sorcerer+]

Note: Colored nicks and chat work with both color codes (see picture below) and hexcodes. To use hexcodes, use {#hexcode} instead of the color code!

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