Worlds Guide (Custom/Build & More)

Worlds Guide (Custom/Build & More)

Find out all about the details of the different worlds and anything special they might have or restrictions etc!


Portals are the main way of transportation between the different worlds. It allows a player to rtp between five different worlds. Whether the Build worlds where one may claim land and build their bases, farms, grinders etc. or the resource world where one can mine for basic resources without fear of destroying the world and environment.

To access portals you just need to /warp portal and walk into the big portal you will see immediately upon warp. It will offer you a menu where you can choose which world to rtp into.

Build World

The Build World is the standard vanilla minecraft world. It offers a 20k x 20k block world area in which you can use your claim blocks to claim your own land, where you can safely build grief proof bases, farms and other builds. You can build outside your claims, but those builds will not be protected from mob damage and such. The build world is the original Build World and has older builds and bases from before the implementation of the Custom Build World, but it’s a nice large world and has lots of space for you to find a biome to build into.

Custom Build World

The Custom Build World is a newer added feature. It is similar to the build world in the regard that you are encouraged to claim land here and make your builds here. It is different in a couple regards. First and foremost, the custom world has custom terrains, these terrains have large varieties, from super large mountains, to Large terracotta flower biomes, to floating island clusters.

This includes further challenges such as custom mobs to increase difficulty, and a more realistic cave behavior while mining, cave aging(The process in which the caves naturally generate vines, cobbles and other blocks that make it look like it grows vegetation with time), cave in, (were while mining you will have some blocks ahead fall in front of you and receive a short momentary blindness effect) Cave Golems chance of spawning when mining ores and such, all work to provide a more interesting and challenging experience in the custom build world.

There are a lot of new options all worth exploring in search for your ideal biome to build in. Furthermore, the custom build world offers natural structures and new caves. These new structures are such things as dungeons, Medieval Villa like structures and others. The caves are extensively larger and more complex and varied. This world offers other new features such as custom mining, custom mobs and such. This means that although you may farm vanilla resources in the resource world, if you wish to mine custom drops you will need to mine in the custom world. (If you are interested in finding out more about custom mining feel free to visit the wiki page for it, it has in depth details on all you need to know about it.)


The Nether is 1.16 updated, and therefore has all the new biomes and mobs offered by the nether upgrade. It is a build world in the sense that you may use your claim blocks to claim land in the nether if you wish to make builds or maybe some farms there. You can also farm resources as normal in the nether but it is not a resource world, so it won’t reset at the end of the month like the resource overworld does.

The End

The End is in a similar situation as the Nether. You are allowed to claim land and farm resources, When selected from the menu in /warp portal it will randomly tp you in the end world, not where you would fight the ender dragon, but where you can search for end cities and such. Keep in mind that once you are inside a specific world, you may use /rtp to get teleported within that world, but such command has a 5 minute cooldown. If you wish to rtp more you can just /warp portal over and over and choose the desired world again, as it does not have a specified spawn and directly rtp’s you within it.

Resource World

The resource world is the best place to farm for vanilla resources. You don’t have to worry about destroying the world, and you get fresh new ores and resources every month as it gets reset. That does mean this world is the only one in which you may not claim land, as it would be useless to try and build there, for anything you build will be lost once reset happens. So don’t build anything there that you would mind losing.

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