Town Management

Creating A Town

Read more below to find out about how to start a town on Towny.

Creating A Town

Well to even manage a town you need to start off by creating one! To create a town you will need to type /town create <name>. Now your town will be founded; When you message in chat it'll display your town name next to your username/nickname.

Leveling Up Your Town

To level up your town to the next level you will need to deposit money into the town bank. The town bank doesn't have the ability to remove money so keep that in mind when you deposit money into the bank. Once you level up your town you can claim more chunks & invite more members. To see how much money is required till the next level do /t info. This will show how many coffers you need til the next level.

Inviting Members

Some people enjoy inviting others to their towns! You'd need to type /t invite <username> to do so. Once you have sent the invite they will need to type /t accept.

Once they have accepted the invite to the town they cannot do anything unless you make them a trusted citizen /t promote <username>, or you can assign town members to town plots, where they can only access things in farm plots & their own player plots.

Town Roles

A town member can be assigned to one of several town roles. Each has different permissions that allow them to assist a town mayor in managing their town.

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