Nether Incendium Biomes

Nether Incendium Biomes

Minecraft’s 1.16 nether update brought us some new biomes and structures, but now they are starting to get old. Tired of grinding wither skeleton skulls at nether fortresses and looting bastion remnants? Starting from our Towny 2.0 update, more content in the form of custom biomes and structures (and more!) are added to the supposedly-hellish nether.

Withered Forest

It has been rumored that the piglins were once at war with the wither skeletons at these lands. We never knew what happened and which side won, but these dark and gloomy blackstone-basalt forests are now home to wither skeletons (maybe because their color blends in more). You may even discover one of their ruined labs which, perhaps, hold secrets about this ancient battlefield.

Quartz Flats

We have a black-colored biome, so why not a white one? This biome comprises smooth quartz blocks (that are constantly on fire) floating on a lava sea. You will see an abundance of ghasts and skeletons who constantly try to knock you into the lava. However, rumors say that some other mobs reside in a strange structure they call a “Sanctum”…

Ash Barrens

The Ash Barrens mostly contain smooth basalt and lava. Wait… that’s it? Almost, except when you are lucky enough to stumble upon a gigantic medieval-styled blackstone castle, you get the chance to inherit the possessions of the infamous piglin king, but after you destroy his fleet of heavily-armored piglin brute guards.

Infernal Dunes

With all the red sandstone around, this biome seems hot at first glance, not to mention that the desert blazes are setting everywhere (and everyone!) on fire. If you bump into an altar, you may be able to summon the fiercest among them all – the Hovering Inferno. Just remember that every success… requires a sacrifice.

Toxic Heap

These greenish biomes seem dangerous but they consist of blocks that you don’t regularly see in vanilla Minecraft. (I mean, where in Minecraft could you find naturally generating slime blocks and green terracotta?) You can expect to see slimes and phantoms wandering around the biome, but I guess it’s good to remember that the name of this biome is “Toxic” heap…

Biomes that… Seem Familiar?

During your journey, you may also encounter biomes that look familiar, but some of them are actually custom biomes. Witness the breathtaking hanging warped trees in the Inverted Forests and the mighty Volcanic Deltas. With more than 10 biomes in total, Towny’s nether has now become a great traveling location that flourishes with diversity.

Inverted Warped Forest

Volcanic Deltas

Custom Structures and Custom Loot

Can’t wait to start roaming the nether? Hold up, that’s not all! Towny’s nether contains even more unmentioned custom structures for you to marvel at. If you are lucky, and if you prove yourself worthy, you can acquire custom enchantments (more about custom enchants here), and even tools and weapons that have amazing effects you have never thought of!

So grab your obsidian to build that portal frame, or just simply use the /rtp command, to jump right into the nether. Maybe you will see some piglins hanging out peacefully at their own village, or maybe you will be pursued by a hoard of desert blazes, but our custom biomes can definitely provide you with an unforgettable nether exploration experience.

Created By: BTdaEuropean