Wild Animals

Wild Animals

Animals are nature’s greatest wonders… also Towny’s greatest wonder.

Ferocious Predators

We’ve always been taught to stay away from wild animals.. So should you in Minecraft. In Towny, you might be chased after by a feral beast when you’re out exploring the custom terrain or even just hanging out at your town. If you don’t wanna get chomped by a crocodile, mauled by a cheetah (man that thing runs so fast) or crushed by a tanky rhino, your best bet is to run away. Yet you can also attempt to slay these beasts, provided that you have the bravery and are fully equipped.

Nature Bites Back

Some of these animals aren’t hostile at first glance – For example, you might see elephants and giraffes wandering around with their families, or a grizzly bear just sleeping within spruce trees. That said, if you somehow decide to (or accidentally) provoke them, they’ll definitely stop at nothing to hunt down their newest enemy. They can also deal a ton of damage, so perhaps it’s best to coexist with them? (You won’t be able to leash wild animals anyway)

Life under the sea… is better than anything they got up there

Back in vanilla Minecraft, the undead drowned used to be the only menace in the vast ocean (Well, apart from the obvious drowning issue). That’s why the ocean deserves more attention and thus there are more custom mobs you can find down there. You’ll see unique and special fish species, such as the barreleye fish and the nautilus fish.

Friendly reminder though, make sure you look out for the hammerhead sharks who are always thirsty for blood.

Fantastic custom mobs… and where to find them

There are still a lot of animals that aren’t mentioned, yet not all of them are dangerous. From the mighty mammoth to the tiny seahorse, Towny’s custom animals can surely amaze every traveler. Maybe you can traverse the deserts on a camel’s back, or you can just follow the adorable penguins across the icy terrain. No matter what you do, you’ll be having a good time with our custom mobs on the server!

Created by BTdaEuropean