Mini-Bosses & Bosses

Mini-Bosses & Bosses


Mini-Bosses, otherwise known as rune guardians, are essential to your mining life style! With the runes they drop you can work on your skill tree known as the "Singularity". Basically you invest runes into the singularity and unlock skill points to spend on various passive abilites. Enough about the singularity however, you're here to learn about rune guardians! Go to Singularities if you wish to learn more about them.

How to Summon Rune Guardians

Before you can fight them you need to know how to summon them! Summoning them is really simple, all you need is rune dust (obtained from refining mysterious dust) and a redstone ore. Simply place the redstone ore down and right-click it with the rune dust. Be sure that mobs are able to spawn where you attempt to summon the rune guardian or the rune guardian will be nowhere to be found! I recommend somewhere on the surface as it requires a lot of space above/around it to be able to spawn. Even if you try to cheese the battle it has a lot of anti-cheesing mechanisms and any cheesing found can result in a ban for you as it's considered exploiting!

Different Rune Guardians

There are 7 unique rune guardians each with their own abilities and unique rune! Ghost, Fairy, Fire, Lightning, Ground, Nature and Water! Using the method above you can either summon a random one for 1 rune dust or a specific guardian for 3 rune dust. Handy if you're looking to get a specific rune for your singularities and have lots of rune dust to spare! Be careful however, as mentioned each one has their own unique skill set. Fire in example is much stronger in comparison to the others and may be a force to be reckoned with. If you're having trouble killing one, try upgrading your gear or adding a few more enchants! Something as simple as an extra fire protection level or adding wither to your sword may just be the edge you need in order to finally kill that one guardian!

Cooldowns, Despawn & Drop Chance

Cooldowns, despawn & drop chance! Try saying that 5 times fast. In order to maintain balance rune guardians have all of these! If you're unable to kill it fast enough it'll despawn, if you do kill it, it has a drop chance, if you kill it too fast, you'll have to wait a little longer to spawn it again! Don't worry though, it's nothing too insane.

  • Cooldown: 45s

  • Despawn Time: 120s

  • Drop Chance: 50%