Custom Mining features various events! Okay only one event .. for now, who knows what the future may hold! But for now you can experience yearly the halloween event

Halloween Event

The halloween event starts October 22nd every year and ends on November 8th. The halloween event brings 2 new special items to the table, a collectors item for those who enjoy collecting & a brand new vessel that can only be obtained from the event. To participate you just need at least level 15 mining and then you just mine ores below y50 to spawn a special boss: The Unknown!

The Unknown

The unknown is a terrifying unkillable boss! But don't worry, it despawns quickly after 7 seconds. Not without it's rewards however, if you can manage to deal at least 50 damage it will drop an Unknown Shard. In order to spawn one you must mine ore below y50 and your cooldown must be over.

Unknown Stats

Health: Infinite
Damage: Unknown
Origins: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Drops: Unknown Shard
Spawn Chance: 5%
Spawn Cooldown: 10 minutes
Spawn Locations: Any ore mined below y50


Variants are a special version of the unknown. There are 4 types:

  • Revenant

  • Yurie

  • Demon

  • Banshee

They have 300 hp and deal 15 base damage a swing. Each variant has special abilities (Such as fast movement speed or higher damage) and can drop it's own special collector item. They are spawned in the same way as "The Unknown" except you must mark yourself by holding 10 Unknown Shards and right clicking them. The next "The Unknown" you spawn will now be a random variant type! Finally they can also drop the event only vessel!

Variant Drops:

  • Bone Marrow (Radalite Drop, see Bosses)

  • Collectors Item (Dependant on Variant Type)

  • Any Requium Orb (9 different types, see Vessels)

  • Abyssal Accelerator (Tohka Drop, see Bosses)

  • Abyssal Shard (Tohka Drop, see Bosses)

  • Variant's Wrath (Event Vessel)

Variant Types

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