Custom Mobs

Custom Mobs

Let's be honest! The custom mobs are probably the biggest reason you are here! You probably came here because you want to know what the hell it is you just saw, whether it be that worm head looking creature or a moving smoke cloud that hurts you!

P.S. Pictures coming at a later date, look forward to that!

What are custom mobs, how do I run into them or how do I NOT run into them?

Custom mobs are mobs that only spawn in caves! So if you're not looking to tangle with an alpha spider or a tnt creeper today, just don't go into caves! ;) There are 12 custom mobs and some of them really suck while others are cool or not much different from the normal variant. Below I'll go over each mob you can expect to find underground and their little quirks (if they have any that is)!

Alpha Spiders

Ever hated Cave Spiders? Didn't think they could get any worse? Try a cave spider with buffed up health and special moves like calling more spiders for reinforcements (normal spiders not cave spiders, thank goodness!) or slinging a web at you to slow you down so the spider can kill you! You better be prepared with one big bug squasher if you ever run into this bad boy.

Cave Golem

Maybe you thought you could potentially escape from cave monsters by strip mining? Think again! Any ore you mine has a chance to spawn a cave golem, this guy has a ton of health and everytime it hits you it slows you down. But before you go swinging you sword or axe like crazy, just know that a pickaxe is a lot more effective! If you manage to kill it, it generally drops some ore depending on the type of ore it spawned from. Might get lucky and get 3 or you might get unlucky and only get one.

Crying Bat

This mob is pretty much harmless! It only exists to scare the living daylights out of you. It rarely spawns and when it does it only does so to cry a bit in an attempt to scare you then it promptly despawns.

Dead Miner

These guys are actually pretty helpful! They roam around the caves placing torches lighting things up. Though beware, if they do see you they'll come after you and attack you, though they're not that much more difficult than a normal zombie.

Hexed Armor

Probably the bane of anyone and everyone's existence! This little guy is just a suit of armor walking around. It is always random pieces of armor enchanted with the curse of vanishing. If you're not careful and get hit too much by this guy he'll rip off all your armor you worked hard on, throwing it on the floor, and appy himself to be your new suit of armor. You can easily take the armor off and re-equip your armor but if you have a full inventory or if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time your armor may just go bye bye!

Hungering Darkness

Ever seen an annoying little vex flying around with an iron sword? Yeah that's this guy. He's completely invulnerable from damage and only exists to annoy the living hell out of you. They also tend to make static noise.

Lava Creeper

If you thought getting blown up by a creeper sucked, wait until you run into this guy. This thing will sneak up behind you blow up and drop you into lava or fire! No for real, when this bad boy blows up, it turns the surroundings into lava, obsidian, magma blocks and fire! Be extra careful around creepers in caves, never know when it might be a custom one!

Magma Monster

Ever seen a mob walking around, on fire with a red leather chestplate holding blaze powder? No? Well it exists, and if you ever run into it, it will burn the hell out of you! This guy scorches the earth wherever he walks, setting the ground aflame and if he manages to hit you, he'll even set you on fire. Might want to bring some fire res pots or maybe fire protection armor if you ever go mining!


This guy is pure evil. He entices you with loot but in reality he's just another mob! If you ever see a random chest lying around it may just be a chest from one of our custom structures or it could be a mimic! You won't find out until you open the chest, if it turns into a mob with a chest for a head you know it's a mimic!

Smoke Demon

These guys are giant clouds of smokes walking around. Just like the hungering darkness they can't be killed, and if you get too close to it, it will poison you! The only way to prevent being hurt by these guys is to stop them from spawning in the first place! You can do that by placing torches everywhere c:

TNT Creeper

If you thought the lava creeper was bad wait until you find out what a TNT creeper does! This bad boy drops a ton of tnt around him when he blows up which is primed and ready to blow. If you ever see a tnt creeper blow up you may want to run the hell away before you get blown up too!


The before-mentioned worm head! Despite very obviously looking like a worm head, it's actually supposed to be an eyeball (The dev chose a worm head to be an eyeball, don't ask me why.) to symbolize that it is a giant eye watching you. This is one of the most annoying mobs as it can even attack you on the surface if you're close enough to a cave! It will teleport to you, blind you and shriek loudly. It's very easy to kill but you'll never live down the moment you jumped to a mob on minecraft, and if there are lots of other mobs around it may just become your worst enemy.

Created by CrystalNeko