Custom Mining Drops

Custom Mining Drops

What the heck is a flux or an artifact or sapphire?!? Also mysterious dust sounds... well... mysterious!


Gems are used to feed your gambling addiction! No really, just hold a gem in your hand, right click and boop it changes quality. Quality changes how much it's worth via a multiplier. There are different gems per ore type as well as different qualities! You can sell these in /mine menu or by warping to /warp mine and talking to the shop npc! That is their only use!

Gem Tier

  • Coal Ore - Peridot

  • Redstone Ore - Ruby

  • Quartz Ore - Topaz

  • Lapis Ore - Amethyst

  • Emerald Ore - Sapphire

  • Diamond Ore - Tiger's Eye

Gem Quality

  • Ruined - 0.70x

  • Badly Damaged - 0.80x

  • Damaged - 0.90x

  • Worn - 1.2x

  • Pristine - 1.5x


Flux will most likely be your money maker regarding custom mining. These drop pretty commonly from any ore! There's 2 types, basic which drops in the overworld & blazed which drops in the nether! Blazed sells for slighlty less however as there are more ores


You'll need these to get started on gathering custom enchants from our custom mining plugin! There are 9 different rarities each with different identifying times. Higher raririties are more likely to have a better fossil chance when you identify them. They can be identified at the artifact npc at /warp mine or in the /mine menu. Every ore can drop these.

Artifact Rarities

  • Basic

  • Unusual

  • Epic

  • Exceptional

  • Legendary

  • Fabled

  • Mythic

  • Celestial

  • Divine

Mysterious Dust

These drop from any ore & are required in order to summon bosses or get requium orbs to put custom enchants on your pickaxe. As seen on the image you're need different levels to access different drops from refining Mysterious Dust. It's recommended to wait until level 30+ so you can maximize your outputs from refining.

Possible Drops

  • Rune Dust - Used to summon rune guardians

  • Oracleite - Charge to summon bosses

  • Ancient Relic - Used to upgrade artifacts

  • Shattered Requium Orbs - Use 4 to make a whole

Created by CrystalNeko