Cave-ins & Depth Hypoxia

Cave-ins & Depth Hypoxia

Did you think mining would be so simple? Think again! Whether a cave becomes too unstable that it collapses or you have been mining in a place with low oxygen for so long you start to get hypoxia, mining will be a bit more of a chore than usual!


Cave-ins happen regulary, they drop a bunch of blocks from above down below! It's also very loud and you can take damage from it! Don't like cave-ins? Well no worries! You can prevent it by bringing along a lucky rabbit foot with you. Every miner knows that a rabbit foot makes debris think twice before falling!

Depth Hypoxia

Don't know what hypoxia is? Hypoxia is when you or a part of your body is deprived of the oxygen you need to survive. You start to feel unwell because you need more oxygen. If you mine for too long underground you'll start to feel the effects of hypoxia pretty often! How do you know you're experiencing hypoxia? A chat message shows up in chat when you start to feel the effects, such as "It is really hot down here!"

Created by CrystalNeko