Totems! Yes Totems! No not totems of undying, custom fishing totems! These give amazing buffs while fishing!

What are Totems?

Totems are a multi-block you build in the world and activate for powerful buffs. It can range from things like 1.5x voidfishing experience to a chance to increase a fish you caught to a higher rarity! Want a platinum fish but caught a diamond? Well one ability has a 35% chance to turn that diamond into a platinum once you catch it!

How do I build a totem?

Well first you need to gather the necessary blocks first! For that you'll need one anvil. one green glazed terracotta, one orange glazed terracotta, one daylight detector, two observers and four spruce stairs! Once you have those just build it like the image on the right! Finally you'll need to activate the totem with your fishing rod to make it yours. Before you can do that you first need:

  • 6 Platinum Fish

  • 16 Crab Claws

  • 16 Crab Scales

  • 16 Squid Tentacles

  • 16 Dolphin Tails

Then you just right click the bottom observer with your fishing rod and those in your inventory and bada bing bada boom, you got a totem!

Totem Upgrades

Once you have a totem just right click it to open a menu like the image on the right! You can then purchase upgrades for your totem either with fish or entropy depending on the upgrade!


  • Totem Radius - Increases the radius your totem affects. Your totem will not affect others however increasing the radius allows for more convenience such as killing crabs that are further away or get knocked back. Costs Entropy.

  • Active Time - Totems only last for so long, upgrading this increases how long it will stay activated. Costs Entropy.

  • Cooldown Reduction - Once your totem active time reaches the end it has to cooldown for an hour. Upgrading this decreases the time it takes to cooldown. Costs Entropy.

  • Passive Slots - Unlike the other upgrades this costs fish! The first upgrade you can pay with either 7 platinum fish or 1 mythical fish. Every time you upgrade it the cost increases. So level 2 would be 2 mythical fish or 14 platinum fish and level 3 would be 3 mythical fish or 21 platinum fish.

Totem Passives

Once you have a totem built you can activate passives! Just select the passive you want to be active (click it again to de-select it) and then click the totem of undying at the bottom of the menu to activate your totem. Careful though because it only lasts for 5 minutes without upgrades and then it has to cooldown for an hour! You can also activate multiple passives as long as you have the slots for it!


  • Experienced Fisherman|1 Passive Slot|Lvl 20 - This increases experienced gained from fishing by 1.5x while the totem is active

  • Little Critters | 2 Passive Slots | Lvl 40 - This increases the drop chance of crab goods whenever you kill a crab in the radius of your totem

  • Fish Schools | 3 Passive Slots | Lvl 40 - This increases hot spot chance of catching 2 fish by 35%!

  • Random Drops | 4 Passive Slots | Lvl 55 - This gives you a chance to get other fishing loot such as squid tentacles or dolphin tails from killing crabs

  • Treasure Hunter | 5 Passive Slots | Lvl 60 - This gives you a 1% chance of finding rare items while fishing

  • Mythical Waters | 5 Passive Slots | Lvl 60 - Whenever you catch a fish this has a 35% chance to upgrade it to a higher rarity

  • Entropy Hoarder | 6 Passive Slots | Lvl 60 - This increases entropy you get from fishing by 1.25x

  • Star Fall | 10 Passive Slots | Lvl 100 - Not currently added but it's supposed to give you a chance to find a strong fish you must find for good loot

Created by CrystalNeko