Looking to find out how to increase your entropy so you can make some sick augments or upgrade deliveries? Look no further!

What is Entropy?

Entropy is the custom fishing currency. You need it to buy upgrades for things like totems or deliveries or craft augments. In the future you may need it to use the fish market as well! Entropy is all but hard to get, it's just used in a ton of things and normally in high quantities! So let's learn how to get more!

How to get Entropy?

There's no one way to get entropy. Infact there's very many ways! So we'll go over them in sections to be less confusing.

Deliveries! Completing these bad boys net you quite a hefty penny worth of entropy. If you're not sure what these are check out the delivery section of the wiki for more information!

Just fish! Every fish you catch nets you entropy. Rarer fish gives more entropy!
Entropy Values:

  • Bronze: 45

  • Silver: 110

  • Gold: 200

  • Diamond: 350

  • Platinum: 1250

  • Mythical: 10000

These can be increased with things like boosters, the perception augment and more!

What I like to call demonic rituals of fish sacrifice! You take your fish to gutter npc at /warp fish then you can give him fish and he'll gut them and in return pay you entropy! Gutting also has different values based on rarity of the fish
Gutting Values:

  • Bronze: 40

  • Silver: 120

  • Gold: 200

  • Diamond: 500

  • Platinum: 1000

Just like with fishing, this can also be increased. Just get the augment "Precision Cutting",

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