Custom Items

Custom Items

Ahhhh! I was fishing and suddenly a named silverfish spawned and attacked me?!? Welcome to another section of custom fishing! Those are called crabs and they drop custom items you'll need to craft augments among other things.


Crabs! They're named silverfish with higher health than normal. These guys drop important drops needed to craft augments! They have a 4% chance to spawn whenever you catch a fish. If you're lucky you may also get these from deliveries! NOTE: Looting does affect the droprate however not how many you'll get. You will always get one item!


  • Crab Claw* - 20%

  • Crab Scale - 20%

  • Squid Tentacle (TOTEM ONLY)

  • Dolphin Tail (TOTEM ONLY)

*If one drops the other drops as well. So if you get a crab claw you get a crab scale.


You may have noticed something shiny drop when killing dolphins and squids. These are also important for crafting augments however may have later uses in a future update. Such as being used to upgrade your totem! You can also get these from deliveries. NOTE: Looting does affect the droprate however not how many you'll get. You will always get one item!


  • Dolphin Tail - 70%

  • Squid Tentacle - 10%


BOOSTERS! Yes you heard me, BOOSTERS! These are 30 minute boosts that increase how much entropy you get from fishing. Note that this does NOT apply to gutting fish or perception augment. These are currently gained from deliveries however more ways may be introduced in future updates.

Examples of Boosters:

  • 1.2x Entropy

  • 1.5x Entropy

  • 2x Entropy


Lures are rare items from deliveries and in the future, from the market npc as well! They can be used for a 30 minute boost to increase rare odds.

Crab Lure

This boosts your chance to catch a crab by 200%, stacked crab bait you can get an 18% chance to catch crabs.

Platinum Lure

This boosts your chance to specifically find platinum lures. Platinum fish are quite rare to find so this will help quite a bit! Especially with the Lucky Catch tournament!

Mythical Lure

This boosts your chance of catching the rarest type of fish of all! A mythical fish. These are extremely hard to find so if you find a delivery that gives you this, be sure to complete that delivery!

Created by CrystalNeko