An Introduction to Baits!

In this guide we'll be covering what exactly baits are, how to obtain them and how to use them!

What Are Baits?

Baits are items you can attach to your fishing rod, enabling you to catch new fish that are otherwise unobtainable! The downside is these fish are added to the pool of catchable fish, it's not recommended to use these baits on a rod with biome disruption.

What do baits give?

As mentioned above these baits will enable you to catch fish you could not catch before! In the fish codex you can hover over and some of the fish will show which bait you need to catch that fish!

How do I obtain baits?

You can use the command /fish bait to open a bait shop! You'll find all the baits here available to buy. However in order to buy them you must meet the required level first. You can hover over each bait in the shop to view level requirements and it was also tell you in red text if you don't meet the requirements to purchase the bait!

The modifiers are only on survival! The picture is of a tinker rod which doesn't exist on Towny!

How do I apply baits?

You just go into your inventory, pick up the bait and hold it over your fishing rod, then left click the fishing rod. It'll apply it and boom you'll have the bait applied. It will then show the amount of uses left in the lore of the fishing rod at the very bottom!

As seen by the picture on the left, Crappy Magnet bait is applied and has 500 uses left. Now whenever Cutie Marbie catches a fish it will go down a use, until 0 uses left. Normally Cutie Marbie would need to fish in the biomes of the fish he wants, but since he has Biome Disruption 3 he can stay in the biome he's in and keep fishing. It will just lower his chance of obtaining the bait fish since the pool is much larger!

So what do I catch with these baits?

Well as already explained before, new fish! But I bet you're looking for a list of everything you can catch. In that case, I would check out the bait pages below this guide in the nav bar! Each bait page lists the fish you can catch c:

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