List Of Enchantments

List Of Enchantments

A detailed list of enchantments can be found in-game. To access it, type /enchants in Towny and the enchant list GUI appears. Then simply choose the item you want to view and you can read sophisticated information about all the enchants it offers!

For the complete enchantment list, consult /enchant in-game. The following shows all the enchantments that Towny offers, sorted by rarity.

Artifact Enchants:

  • Inquisitive - Increases the XP you get from killing mobs. Works with swords and axes.

  • Mending

  • Rage - Increases the damage dealt by consecutive attacks. Works with axes.

  • Soulbound - Allows you to keep the item after you die, but is removed after you die. Works with any item.

  • TightLine - Gives a chance to fish gems and ingots. Works with rods.

Legendary Enchants:

  • Antidote - Gives 60% chance to remove negative effects. Works with chestplates.

  • Aqua - Applies the water breathing effect to yourself. Works with helmets.

  • Channeling

  • Excavation - Clears out a 3x3 area when you mine blocks. Works with shovels and pickaxes.

  • Harvest - Replants crops automatically. Works with hoes.

  • Implants - Recovers health and hunger overtime when you walk. Works with helmets.

  • Infinity

  • RetainEXP - Grants a chance to keep your EXP when you die. Works with helmets, chestplates, leggings and boots.

  • Skills Exp - Increases the EXP you receive in Skills. Works with swords, axes, rods, shovels, pickaxes, shears and hoes.

  • Vampire - Takes health from your enemies when you attack them. Works with tridents.

  • Wither - Applies the wither effect to any enemies you hit. Works with swords, axes and tridents.

Epic Enchants:

  • Decapitate - Gives a chance to get enemies’ heads as a drop from both players and mobs. Works with swords and axes.

  • Enlightened - Heals yourself when taking damage. Works with leggings.

  • Explosive Bow - Gives a chance to shoot explosive arrows. Works with bows.

  • Frozen - Gives a chance to slow your enemies down when getting hit. Works with helmets, chestplates, leggings and boots.

  • Loyalty

  • Night Vision - Applies the night vision effect to yourself. Works with helmets.

  • Piercing

  • Protection

  • Quick Charge

  • Riptide

  • Shadow Step - Gives a chance to teleport behind your enemies. Works with chestplates.

  • Shotgun - Shoots multiple arrows at a time. Works with bows.

  • Silk Touch (works with shears too!)

  • Slowness - Applies the slow effect to any enemies you hit. Works with swords and axes.

Rare Enchants:

  • Feather Falling

  • Fortune

  • Frost Walker

  • Guardians - Summons iron golems to assist you upon getting hit. Works with leggings.

  • Haste - Gives the haste effect to yourself while you hold the item. Works with axes, pickaxes and shovels.

  • Impaling

  • Leafblower - Blows leaves away with a simple shift + right click. Works with shears.

  • Looting (works with tridents and axes too!)

  • Luck of the Sea

  • Lumberjack - Allows you to instantly cut down trees (but has a 3-second cooldown). Works with axes.

  • Lure

  • Magma Walker - Creates obsidian blocks when walking over lava. Works with boots.

  • Multishot

  • Poison - Applies the poison effect to any enemies you hit. Works with crossbows.

  • Sharpness

  • Soul Speed

  • Speed - Gives a speed boost while walking. Works with boots.

  • Sweeping Edge

  • Toxic - Poisons your enemies when you get hit. Works with chestplates.

  • Weakness - Applies the weakness effect to any enemies you hit. Works with crossbows.

Uncommon Enchants:

  • Aqua Affinity

  • Bane of Arthropods (works with axes too!)

  • Depth Strider

  • Fire Aspect

  • Flame

  • Glasscutter - Breaks glass instantly with a simple shift + left click. Works with shears.

  • Hunger - Applies the hunger effect to any enemies you hit, which makes them hungry. Works with swords and axes.

  • Jump - Gives you a jump boost effect. Works with boots.

  • Molten - Sets your enemies on fire when you get hit. Works with chestplates and leggings.

  • Respiration

  • Skulldigger - Breaks skulls instantly. Works with shears.

  • Smite (works with axes too!)

  • Unbreaking

Common Enchants:

  • Auto Smelt - Smelts ores you mine automatically. Works with pickaxes.

  • Blast Protection

  • Confusion - Applies the nausea effect to any enemies you hit. Works with swords and axes.

  • Efficiency (works with shears too!)

  • Fire Protection

  • Knockback

  • Power

  • Projectile Protection

  • Punch

  • Thorns

Curse Enchants:

  • Curse of Binding

  • Curse of Vanishing

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