Artifact Enchants

Artifact Enchants

Artifact enchants (marked in game with gold text) are the rarest enchantments in the server. It is impossible to grind artifact enchants through villagers or enchanting tables (You cannot get a mending book villager here).

Mending is an incredible enchantment to keep your items’ durability and most new players acquire mending by grinding a librarian villager. However, this is impossible on Towny due to the fact that mending is an artifact enchant. Here are some tips on how to get the mending enchantment or to prevent your items from breaking:

  • Combine your enchanted item with another item of the same type or a unit repair item. (note that these actions cost experience levels and become more expensive after every use of the anvil)

  • Use the /fix command (Evoker+) (has a 1 hour cooldown after use)

If you want a mending book/item :

  • Explore structures in all three dimensions that hold loot chests.

  • Go fishing. (You might want to increase your luck stats so you are more likely to fish treasures)

  • There is a 2% chance of getting a mending book from an uncommon crate. To get uncommon keys to open the crate, you can:

    • buy one for 12,500 gems.

    • win a chat game, which may give you an uncommon key.

    • link your Minecraft to the server discord, then use the daily /kit member command.

    • upgrade your in-game player rank as some level up rewards contain uncommon keys.

Created By: BTdaEuropean