Art Map

Art Map

A quick guide to creating art maps and what you can do with them!

Setting up your art station

To set up your artwork station, place an easel by right-clicking it on the ground. After, right click with your empty canvas onto your easel to start drawing. To paint on your canvas, click the Canvas with different dyes (see the dye’s section for the correct dye palette). Right-Click and drag to draw lines and curves. You can also right click with a Paint Bucket to fill in an area.

Managing your artwork

Managing your artwork is easy; you can edit, save, copy, delete, and even search for yours or others artworks!

Commands to know


The recipes for the artmap plugin can be easily found in /art . When in the menu you can click on the crafting table icon as it will bring you into a menu full of all the recipes for your art making needs!

Art Map Dyes

Art Map Shades

Created by ploofydoofy