Network Tools

Network Tools

To learn more about tools for the network system, read below

Network Remote

The Network Remotes enable wireless access to the Network Grid. To 'bind' a remote to a Grid, Shift Right Click while holding it and targeting it. As long as you are in range, right click while holding a remote to open the bound grid. Because neither Remotes nor Grids will chunk load themselves, you must have those chunks loaded.

Crafting Blueprint

The Crafting Blueprint will internalize a pattern of inputs and a desired output item. The Network Encoder is used to encode this pattern into the Blueprint. Auto-crafters will use Blueprints when attempting to craft items.

Network Crayon

The Network Crayon is a device that must be connected to a Network Controller. Every Slimefun Tick, all connected Network Nodes that are also Particle Emitters will begin to emit particles. To add a Network Controller to the network, right-click it while holding a Crayon. Repeat to get rid of it.

Network Configurator

The Network Configurator can save the current state of any Directional Network Node and reapply it to others.

To use the full copy of a directional interface that requires a template item, such as the Pusher, you must have a copy of that item in your inventory while pasting. If you do not, the direction will be copied and an error message will be displayed due to a lack of items.

Network Probe

When used on a Network Controller, the Network Probe will display into chat all of the nodes that are currently connected to the Network. It will display the node type, node count, number of distinct items in the network, and total number of items held.

Network Rake

Network Rakes are objects that can break network components instantly. They have limited uses so you will need to make another after awile.

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