Harvesters Guide

Harvesters are custom machines that can automate basic tasks for you such as mining or chopping trees!

This guide requires Cargo management to automate removal of items from the harvester, see cargo management! for an example

Obtaining Harvesters

To obtain harvesters you need to open up the slimefun guide and navigate your way to the category "Void Harvesters". Here you can view the various harvesters, their recipes, and upgrades for the harvesters. All of them are craftable via slimefun and use slimefun ingredients. You can consider this our replacement for androids that works much smoother!

Types of Harvesters

Image of a miner harvester placed down facing towards a cobblestone generator. Currently unhooked to any power or cargo.

Miner Harvester

The miner harvester will automatically mine any block(s) in front of it. Useful for your cobblestone generators. The miner harvester supports three upgrades:

  1. Silk Touch - All blocks mined are mined as if using a silk touch pickaxe

  2. Smelting - Smelts any blocks mined, so iron ore would turn into iron ingots

  3. Range - Increases how many blocks in front of it the miner will mine. Up to 5 blocks at a time!

Fisher Harvester

Fisher harvesters will fish different fish from a source block of water in front of them. It is also the only harvester without the stats icon in the menu (gone over further below) as it only has one upgrade:

  1. Fisher Upgrade - Improved drop chances

Farmer Harvester

The farmer harvester will automatically till dirt, harvest and replant crops in its range. Currently the farmer harvester only does this in a direct line in front of it, however an update for it is planned soon where it will later work in a range around the farmer. The only compatible upgrade for farmer is:

  1. Range - Increases how far it can till/plant/harvest

Woodcutter Harvester

This will chop a cube area of trees centered around it! Or you could do a similar setup like the image above, but it won't cut any trees until a tree in it's radius has grown (so the first 3 trees in front of it!) However, it's not very automatic until you get the replant upgrade, as none of the saplings will be replant otherwise until you do so. This is useful for things such as automating charcoal, which can then be turned into coal! Upgrades are:

  1. Range - Increases the cube radius it will cut trees in

  2. Smelting - Any wood blocks broken will automatically be charcoal

  3. Leafblower - Allows the harvester to break leaves, giving you drops like saplings and sticks.

  4. Replant - Requires leafblower to function properly, replants saplings for a fully automatic process

Butcher Harvester

The Butcher Harvester will damage any mobs within it's range. This includes both animals and monsters, useful for farms such as auto-poultry. If you want to make it target between animal/monster there are two filter upgrades! Upgrades are:

  1. Range - Increases how far the butcher harvester will see mobs in front of it

  2. Filter (Monsters) - The butcher will now only target monsters

  3. Filter (Animals) - The butcher will now only target animals

  4. Damage Upgrade - Increases the damage the butcher does to mobs

  5. Limit Upgrade - Increaes how many mobs it can damage at once

Harvester GUI

When opening a harvesters gui by right-clicking it, you will have different sections of the gui to explore
se are the following sections:

  1. Upgrade slot, insert upgrades here.

  2. Status, view how much fuel or energy your harvester has and whether it's running or not

  3. Stats, view your harvester's efficiency with the upgrades you have installed, such as its range.

  4. Ejection Button, eject previously installed upgrades

  5. Output, whatever your harvester does gets sent here

  6. If using fuel to power your harvester, insert it here.

This is the inside of a miner harvester, all harvesters look similar so it's easy to figure out what you're doing no matter which harvester you're using! The only exception is the fisher harvester!

Fueling your Harvesters/Additional Information

Fueling your harvester is simple! You can either provide it with fuel such as coal, wood, etc, OR you can power it using your energy network since a harvester functions as a machine! Speaking of functioning as a machine, this also means harvesters are compatible with cargo! So if you're wondering how to put coal in or take items out, you can just hook up cargo nodes to it.

Finally, there's an additional upgrade that wasn't mentioned under each harvester which is the sound muffler upgrade. This can be installedi n any harvester and muffles the sound the harvester would usually make. Great if you play with sound but find harvesters to be annoying.

Harvester Limits

The amount of harvester you can place on your island is limited per player and based on player ranks. The default amount of harvesters you can place is 1 of each type. Following ranks reward higher harvester limits:

  • Rank V - 2 of Each

  • Rank X - 3 of Each

  • Rank XV - 4 of Each

  • Rank XX - 5 of Each

For more information about the karma ranks, visit /warp karma ingame or check out the
karma guide!

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