New Machines

New Machines

Fluffymachines as the name might imply, adds a lot of new machines to enjoy! This part of the wiki covers over just what those machines do.

FluffyMachines does not only add machines to improve the current slimefun, but also adds some slimefun has never seen before! There are 5 machines in FluffyMachines which add unique concepts to the game. Those are the following:

Backpack Loader / Unloader

The backpack loader loads all items inside of the blue glass panes into a backpack in the slot surrounded by the yellow glass panes automatically. Once full, the backpack will be transferred to the orange slot, where you can transport it away using cargo! The backpack unloader does the exact reverse of this, it transfers items from the backpack into the item unloader. After it is empty, you can once again transfer away the empty backpack using cargo. Of course regular items can also be pulled and pushed from and to these machines, making them really helpful to automatically fill up backpacks for selling quickly in bulks or just saving storage space!

Electric Dust Fabricator

The electric dust fabricator is an endgame machine that directly converts cobblestone into dust. It is relatively expensive to craft and takes a lot of energy to supply, but it is definitely worth it as it generates dust quicker than the sum of its components. It also saves you extra cargo nodes, so you should try this machine over a standard dust factory!

Electric Dust Recycler

The electric dust recycler lets you use dust to create other dust! Do you have extra thousands of magnesium laying around in your chests, filling up your storage? With the electric dust recycler, this is no more! It will take 8 dust of any type and recycle it back into sifted dust, so this is a great use to make dust that isn't being used useful by having a chance to get more commonly used dust.


The Sprinkler, just like its counterpart, the watering can (which is explained in “Armor & Tools”), will speed up the growth of crops. To work, it requires a water source block below it and it needs to be supplied with energy. You can see if it is active by the water particles it creates around it and the green particles it creates when speeding up the growth of a crop. The sprinkler works in a 5x5 square, meaning it reaches 2 blocks out in each direction.

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