Components & Multiblocks

Components & Multiblocks

This section of the guide goes over the components/multiblocks fluffy machines has to offer.

Generator Core / Crank Generator

The Crank Generator is an easy method to generate early on. It is a multiblock with a generator core as the base component with a lever on to. When connected to an energy network, the crank generator will generate 16J per click on the lever. It also has an internal storage of 64J!

Super Heated Furnace / Foundry

The Foundry is a new smart option to store loads of dust. Built from 6 netherite blocks, 1 glass, 1 cauldron and one super heated furnace, it can store up to 138.240 dust of each type. When taking out dust from the foundry, you can even choose if you want to receive them as dust or ingots! To activate it, you will have to right-click the super heated furnace with a lava bucket, then lava will appear in the cauldron and the foundry is activated.

Created by marvjosh