Automated Basic Machines

Automated Basic Machines

Curious how the automated basic machines work? Or just don't know what they are? Well look no further than here!

There are currently 5 different machines in FluffyMachines that are able to automatically create items that are normally crafted in the multiblocks from the “Basic Machines” sections of the slimefun guide or a standard crafting table by hand. Using electricity and those machines, items that were not able to be automated before can now be crafted without any problems. The currently available machines are:

  • Auto Crafting Table

  • Auto Ancient Altar

  • Auto Table Saw

  • Auto Magic Workbench

  • Auto Armor Forge

Those machines all work fairly similar. Every one of them has to have the recipe placed into it at least once. You must have at least 2 of each item in order to craft. It will not consume the items otherwise as the original items are the recipe for it to create. All of these machines have a piece of gunpowder / redstone in the top right corner, allowing it to be enabled or disabled on your command. The Auto Crafting Table will need a key (The key is the item to be crafted) in the slot marked by the yellow glass panes as well. The auto table saw doesn't need a recipe placed into it, so it will also consume all items. All of the machines are able to use cargo transportation, so they can be used to create new automated production chains that are not possible to create with basic slimefun.

Created by marvjosh