Cargo Management

Cargo Management

Cargo Management is used to move items around, thus being a crucial part for automating systems and storage sorting

Setting up a simple cargo system

For setting up the most basic cargo system, you will need:

  • 1 Cargo Manager

  • 1 Input Node

  • 1 (Advanced) Output Node

  • 2 Storage units (Chests, Barrels, …)

You can now set it up like shown in the image.

But what will these items do? This is what is going to be explained in the next few paragraphs.

Cargo Manager

The Cargo Manager is the heart of your cargo system. There can always only be one cargo manager in a whole cargo system. The base reach of the manager is 6 blocks in straight x, y and z directions. It can also be used to enable and disable the Cargo Net Visualizer, which then shows particles on all cargo nodes in the system.

Connector Nodes

Connector Nodes are used to expand your cargo system in different directions. As the cargo manager, they will also have a reach of 6 on each axis. To get them to work, they have to be connected to the cargo manager directly or via other connector nodes. These connectors are the cornerstone of each good cargo system, allowing you to make huge systems of item transportation.

Input and Output Nodes

Input and Output Nodes are the nodes that pull and push items from inventories.

Input Nodes take items from a chest and input them into the cargo system.

(Advanced) Output Nodes put items into the chest and output them from the cargo system.

Please make sure that all your cargo nodes are connected to the cargo manager directly or over connector nodes, else they won't work!

Configuring the Cargo System

The different types of nodes provide you different options to configure them.

Input Node: Channel, White-/Blacklist, Round Robin, Item Lore

Output Node: Channel

Advanced Output Nodes: Channel, White-/Blacklist, Item Lore

It will now be explained what you can do with these options.

  • Channels: In the picture we have marked the channel settings for you. If you want to transport items between storages your nodes are attached to, you will have to make sure they are on the same channel. The channels will also help you organize your cargo system more, and make sure every item goes the way it should, as items will only be distributed in the same channel. A cargo system provides you 16 channels to choose from.

  • Round Robin Mode: If this option is activated, all items put into the system by this input node will be equally distributed between the inventories it can be put into by the output nodes connected.

  • Whitelist / Blacklist: If this option is toggled to whitelist, the nodes will only transport around the items that are in the marked slots. If the whitelist is empty, it will not transport any items. If the option is toggled to blacklist, the nodes will transport any items but those in the marked slots. If the blacklist is empty, the nodes will transport any item.

  • Include Lore: If this option is activated, the cargo nodes will only (not) transport the items with the exact lore as the ones in the whitelist / blacklist. This option is nearly irrelevant.

Trash Cans

The trash cans are a pretty useful item from the cargo management section. They will be deleting any item that is put into it. They can also be connected to a cargo system using cargo nodes, making it possible to instantly delete unwanted items from your cargo system. This is pretty useful, as you can for example delete items that would overflow your cargo system. Optimally, you would have a seperate channel just transporting unwanted items into the trash can, for example channel 16.

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