Automated Dust

Automated Dust

Slimefun dusts and ingot are being used in almost every technical recipe for slimefun. In this guide we will show you how to automate it, so you will never run out again!

This guide requires Cargo management to complete, see cargo management! for an example

List of Items/Requirements:

  • A source of cobblestone (Harvesters or Cobblestone Generator)

  • 1 Electric Ore Grinder (Any Tier)

  • 1 Electric Gold Pan (Any Tier)

  • 1 Electric Dust Washer (Any Tier)

  • 1 Trash Can

  • 4 Input Nodes

  • 5 Advanced Output Nodes

Step 1: Automating Cobblestone

In order to start automating your dust production, you will have to ensure you have a constant supply of cobblestone for using it in your machines. To do so, you will have to set up a miner harvester next to a cobblestone generator, so it will start mining the blocks and those will regenerate. Link your harvester by putting an input node on it, which will then (once properly set up) start to transport the cobblestone to the places we will need them at later! Alternatively, you can also place down a cobblestone generator (the slimefun machine) and link it to your cargo system for endless cobblestone!

Step 2: Producing Sifted Dust

Now that you have automated cobblestone, you will want to send it to the electric ore grinder using cargo! There, it will automatically be crushed into gravel, which you then want to send to the electric gold pan using another input and output node. The gold pan will start producing different products from the gravel, including fling, clay, iron nuggets and sifted dust. You can now decide to keep the side products that are not sifted dust or trash them. Personally, I would recommend you to throw those away as they don't really have any use. To do either way, you will want an advanced output node on a trash can or a chest with flint, clay and iron nuggets in the blacklist.

Step 3: Finishing up the Dust production

For the last step, you will want to transport over the sifted dust to the electric dust washer. To do so, place another advanced output node on it and place a piece of sifted dust in it. This will ensure the dust washer won't clog with the side products. It will then produce all the ore dusts that you want! The final step is to transport the dusts to a chest because else the dust washer will stop working rather quickly. If you like sorting them, you should use 9 advanced output nodes with 9 chests, each one of them containing one of the dust types! Congratulations, you have now finished your automated dust factory, which will be the base for many of the automation guides!

Created by CrystalNeko
Reworked by marvjosh