Automated Carbonado

Automated Carbonado

Carbonado is used to craft a lot of endgame machines and items, so we’ll teach you how to automate it!

This guide requires Cargo management to complete, see cargo management! for an example

List of items:

  • 4 Carbon Presses (Any Tier)

  • 1 Automated Crafting Chamber

  • 1 Electric Smeltery (Any Tier)

  • 7 Advanced Output Nodes

  • 7 Input Nodes

  • For automating Coal:

    • Automated Cobble Generator

    • 1 Miner Harvester


  • Automated Wood Farm

  • 1 Lumberjack Harvester

  • 1 (Electric/Enhanced) Furnace (Any Tier)

  • 1 Carbon Press (Any tier)

  • 3 Input Nodes

  • 3 Advanced Output Nodes

  • For automating Glass Panes:

    • Automated Cobble Generator

    • 1 Miner Harvester

    • 2 Electric Ore Grinders (Any Tier)

    • 1 (Electric/Enhanced) Furnace (Any Tier)

    • 1 Auto Crafting Table

    • 5 Advanced Output Nodes

    • 5 Input Nodes

  • For automating Flint:

    • Automated Cobble Generator

    • 1 Miner Harvester

    • 1 Electric Ore Grinder (Any Tier)

    • 1 Electric Gold Pan (Any Tier)

    • 3 Advanced Output Nodes

    • 3 Input Nodes


Step 1: Automating Coal

The way to automate coal is to use a woodcutter harvester. Link the harvester with cargo, then transport it to a furnace to smelt it into charcoal, after that send it to a carbon press. You will also be able to automate coal (for example like shown in the picture on the right)! Make sure that your harvesters don't run out of power!

Step 2: Automating glass panes

For automating glass panes, you will first have to set up an automated cobblestone production with the miner harvester as shown in the image. By linking the harvester using cargo, you will have to send the mined cobblestone to an electric ore grinder, where it will be crushed into gravel. After that, send the gravel to another electric ore grinder so sand will be produced. After that, the sand will have to be smelted in a furnace into glass. The last step of the automatic glass pane production is to then put the glass in an auto crafting table to produce the final result of this chain, the glass panes.

Step 3: Automating Flint

If you are automating carbonado like shown in this guide, you will most likely have an automated dust farm. If you have this, you can just pull out the side product of flint out of there and skip this step. In the case that you don't: First set up your harvester like shown in step 2. Then transport the cobble into an electric ore grinder and send the produced gravel into the electric gold pan, where you will gain sifted ore, iron nuggets, flint and clay. For the carbonado production the flint is important, so sort that out of the gold pans and store the other materials in chests. Alternatively, if you don't need them, you can also trash them using a trash can.

Step 4: Producing Carbon Chunks

Now that you have all the raw materials automated, you can finally move on to actually produce the carbonado. The first thing you will need to make are carbon chunks. First send the coal to the first carbon press to compress it into carbon chunks. Then transport the carbon chunks into another carbon press to produce compressed carbon. In the automated crafting chamber 8 compressed carbon and flint will then be used to craft a carbon chunk.

Step 5: Finishing up the Carbonado production

The carbon chunks you have just produced in step 4 now need to be sent to 2 different machines, so make sure to enable the round-robin mode of the input node on the automated crafting chamber. You will have to put the carbon chunks in a carbon press and the electric smeltery. The carbon press will make synthetic diamonds out of the carbon chunks, which you then also have to add in the electric smeltery. Adding the glass panes you have automated in step 2, that smeltery will then produce raw carbonado. Send that raw carbonado to another carbon press. Congratulations, you now have completed the automation of carbonado as that carbon press will produce it out of the raw carbonado!

Created by Asriel_dmr
Reworked by marvjosh