Automatic Ignition Chamber

Automatic Ignition Chamber

Have you ever wondered how to properly set up your smeltery to keep lighting automatically? In this guide we’ll show you how!


In order to build the whole setup, you will first need to have the smeltery multiblock placed down with a block of space behind it. (Note: The automatic ignition chamber will only work with the regular smeltery, not with the makeshift smeltery or refined smeltery.) Now you want to place the automatic ignition chamber adjacent to the smelteries dispenser (like shown in the picture). Now you will only have to put flint and steel in the automatic ignition chamber and light the fire below the smeltery for the last time. That's already it! The fire will now never turn off again after a smelting process (unless it runs out of flint and steel).

You can also set the automatic ignition chamber up with hoppers or cargo to provide it with more flint and steel to make it last longer! An example of using hoppers is show in the picture above!

Created by marvjosh