Ancient Altar

Ancient Altar Guide

If you need help with setting up or using the Ancient Altar, you have come to the right place!

Required Items + Setting up the Ancient Altar

Items needed for the altar:

  • 8 Ancient Pedestals

  • 1 Ancient Altar

Setting up the altar:

First of all, you will need a free 7x7 space to place the whole functioning altar on. First of all, place the ancient altar (enchanting table) in the middle of that field. After that you want to set 4 of the ancient pedestals in straight lines with 2 blocks of space in between. The other 4 ancient pedestals will need to be placed on the diagonals with 1 block of space in between. After setting the altar up, it should look like the one in the picture on the side.

Using the Ancient Altar

In the slimefun guide all of the recipes for the ancient altar will be symbolized by the enchantment table on the right side. The recipes are shown in a normal crafting grid, which needs to be transitioned to the ancient altar. This means you will have to add the 8 outer items to the pedestals by right clicking them while holding the items (the rotation doesn’t matter). The added items will show as floating items on the pedestals, they can also be removed by right clicking the pedestal again. After having added the outer items, you will then have to right click the altar with the middle item. An animation will now start and the altar will produce the item!

The Auto Ancient Altar

As placing all items by hand in the ancient pedestals and the process of crafting the item can be very time consuming, the slimefun addon “FluffyMachines” adds the auto ancient altar. You can place a recipe in there and put in items with the help of cargo. Once the auto ancient altar has more than 2 of each item in it, it will automatically start crafting the product with the cost of 128 J/s! You can enable and disable the machine by clicking the gunpowder / redstone at the top right.

Created by marvjosh