Scales & Shop

Scales & Shop

Whether you're looking to gamble or just straight up make bank, the scales and shop are the place to be!

What is scaling?

Scaling is an odds based perk in PyroFishing. To get to the menu you can use /Fish Menu or /Fish Scales. Once you put the fish in the GUI menu, you can choose between having your fish on the low scale or on the extreme scale. This would allow you to either get an increase or decrease of value on your weighed fish.

Don’t worry though, you can increase your chances on the scales with the Trophy Augment (found in /Fish Augments). The augment would boost your chances up to +14%! 

What is the shop?

The shop is pretty simple and straightforward! To get to the menu you can use /Fish Shop. Then, gather some fish and sell it at the shop for tons of money! Of course each rarity sells for more money however. I personally recommend keeping your platinum and mythical fish as you can use them for your fishing totem or by selling it to other players for a higher price!


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