Scales & Shop

Scales & Shop

Whether you're looking to gamble or just straight up make bank, the scales and shop are the place to be!

What is scaling?

Scaling is a risk-reward game. You just talk to the scaler npc at /warp fish and you can give him fish and bet against the odds. Once you give him fish you choose if you want to go low risk or extreme risk and he will weigh your fish. Once weighed your fish will either increase in value or decrease! Don't worry though, you can cheat the scaler npc by crafting augments! There's an augment that boosts your success chance by up to +14%, the trophy augment! Be warned though, playing with fire can and will burn you!

What is the shop?

The shop is pretty simple and straight forward! Just gather some fish and you can sell it at the shop for tons of money! Of course each rarity sells for more money however.


  • Raw Fish: 10

  • Bronze: 100

  • Silver: 550

  • Gold: 1500

  • Diamond: 5000

  • Platinum: 10000

  • Mythical: 25000

I wouldn't necessarily sell your platinum or your mythical fish however! You might be able to sell them for more to other players instead!

Created by CrystalNeko