Custom Fishing features various events! Okay only one event .. for now, who knows what the future may hold! But for now you can experience yearly the crabmas event!

Christmas Event

The christmas event starts December 21st every year and ends on January 9th. The christmas event brings a brand new augment that can only be obtained from the event. To participate you just need to fish in the current crabmas biome to spawn a special boss: Baby Crabmas!

Crabmas Biome

If you go into /fish events CRABMAS & the book doesn't display a current crabmas biome, you have to go out and fish to find it yourself.

To find the crabmas biome, you will need to go to each biome and after fishing up your first custom fish, this will determine if this is the crabmas biome or not. If you fish up a custom fish and don't receive a message stating that it's the crabmas biome means you should move on to the next biome if that's what you're after!

Once the biome is discovered the crab will stay in that biome for an hour. After the hour is over it will announce to the server that the crabmas biome has changed.

When the Baby Crabmas is killed it will drop a Crabmas orb. When you right-click with 5 of these it will make the next crabmas boss that spawns the boss that has a chance to drop various loot!

To the right is a list of biomes a crabmas can spawn in. If the biome is considered a 'snowy' or 'cold' biome, the duration Crabmas will last increases by 50%

  • Badlands

  • Beach

  • Birch Forest

  • Cold Ocean

  • Dark Forest

  • Deep Ocean

  • Desert

  • Flower Forest

  • Forest

  • Frozen Ocean

  • Frozen Peaks

  • Ice Spikes

  • Jungle

  • Lukewarm Ocean

  • Ocean

  • Plains

  • River

  • Savanna

  • Swamp

  • Taiga

  • Warm Ocean

Crabmas Boss:

After right-clicking 5 of the Crabmas orb, your next Crabmas will be this boss. When the boss spawns & you kill it, it has a chance of dropping 1 of the below items.

Crabmas Drops:

  • Snowglobe Augment

  • Hot Spot Augment

  • Entropy Crystal

  • Crab Lure

  • Platinum Lure

  • Mythical Lure

  • Crab Claw x2

  • Crab Scale x2

  • Dolphin Tail x2

  • Squid Tentacle x2

  • Entropy Booster 1.25x

  • Entropy Booster 1.65x

  • Entropy Booster 2x

  • Entropy Booster 4x

Created by soolar__