Claim Flags & Banning People

Claim Flags & Banning People

Interested in the claim flags & wanting to know how to remove pesky lurkers from your claim?

What Are Claim Flags?

Claim flags are rules you can add to a claim that forces its members and visitors to obey by

Existing Claim Flags & How You Can Unlock Them

You can unlock new claim flags by leveling up your player rank. To see the claim flags in game and which level you get them you can do /playerranks

  • I: NoLeafDecay - Prevents leaves from deacying

  • III: NoIceForm - Prevents water from turning to ice

    • NoSnowForm - Prevents weather from forming snow layers

  • VI: PlayerTime - Changes client side time

    • PlayerWeather - Changes clientside weather

  • VII: NoVineGrowth - Prevents vines from spreading

  • IX: NoGrowth - Stops crops from growing

    • NoItemDrop - Untrusted players cant drop items

    • NoItemPickup - Untrusted players cant pickup items

  • XI: NoFluidFlow - Prevents liquids from spreading

  • XIII: NoMonsterSpawning - Prevents natural mobs from spawning

  • XVII: NoFallDamage - Stops fall damage

  • XVIII: NoExplosionDamage - TNT/Other explosions do nothing

    • NoMonsters - NoMonsterSpawns + stops monsters from entering claim

  • XIX: KeepLevel - Keep levels on death

    • NoHunger - Never need to eat again

  • XX: HealthRegen - Like the beacon effect

Banning Players From Your Claim

If someone is inside your claim and annoying you, you can use the /banfromclaim (username) command and it will banish them from being able to enter the claim you are standing in. If you have multiple claims you can use /banfromclaimall (username) & it would ban them from any claim you own.

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