Barrels Guide

Did you ever want to know how to organize your storage more efficiently? This guide will show you the possibilities to do so!


Barrels are chests with custom recipes that allow you to store large quantities of one specific item. There are 5 different types of barrels available, with each tier being crafted with 2 of the previous lower tier and increasing the amount of items a barrel can hold.

  • Small Fluffy Barrel (128 Stacks, 8,192 Items)

  • Medium Fluffy Barrel (512 Stacks, 32,768 Items)

  • Big Fluffy Barrel (2,048 Stacks, 131,072 Items)

  • Large Fluffy Barrel (8,192 Stacks, 524,288 Items)

  • Massive Fluffy Barrel (32,768 Stacks, 2,097,152 Items)

  • Bottomless Barrel (27,000,000 Stacks / 1,728,000,000 Items)

The recipes of all barrels can be seen in the /sf guide in the category fluffy machines -> fluffy barrels and are crafted in an enhanced workbench or simple crafting table.

Barrels themselves can be accessed by the right 2 slots of their gui. In the 2 right slots you can place items to store them in the barrel, This also works with shift-clicking! The gui also provides additional information like which item is stored, the type of the barrel and the quantity of items currently in the barrel. You can also choose to trash items (the trash bin) & the quartz slab shows a hologram of what is inside the barrel & how much is inside.

Barrels also work with cargo, so they are the perfect solution to store items that you have automated!

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