Armor & Tools

Armor & Tools

In this section of the wiki we go over all the armor & tools you can find in fluffymachines add-on!

Watering Can

The watering can is a tool that will help speed up the growth of a lot of crops, even the one of sugar cane, bamboo and magical plants! To use it, simply right click the crop you want to grow with the watering can. It will then show the bone meal effect on the plant. The watering can has 50 uses and can be refilled by right clicking a water source, it won’t use up the water as well! The watering can also has another use, you can slow down other players when right clicking them!


The scythe will break 5 blocks of crops when breaking a plant with it! This can be used to harvest fields really quickly, therefore increasing the total efficiency of your farms, for whatever use. Please watch out, the scythe will always break 4 blocks in a line in the north direction!

Upgraded Lumber Axe

The upgraded lumber axe is - as the name already says - an upgraded version of the standard slimefun lumber axe. Did you ever get annoyed about it leaving some blocks from large jungle trees? With the upgraded version this is no more, as it also has a 2 block reach and works over diagonals!

Portable Chargers

There are 5 types of capacitors in the game, which rely on the types of capacitor. They can be charged in the standard slimefun charging bench and if they are charged, they will provide electric items in your inventory with the given amount of energy!

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