EcoPower Guide

If you are searching for alternative power sources or more powerful solar panels, Eco-Power is the right addon for you!


  • Steel Rotor

  • Simple / Advanced / Carbonado Steam Turbine

  • Simple / Advanced / Carbonado Wind Turbine

Multiblocks + Machines:

  • Simple / Advanced / Carbonado Steam Turbine Generator

  • Simple / Advanced / Carbonado Wind Turbine Generator

  • Lunar Generator

  • High-Energy Solar Generator

  • Radiant Solar Generator

  • Lightning Receptor


  • High-Energy Solar Helmet

Steam Turbine Generators

Steam turbine generators are multiblocks that generate power with the help of water and heat. In Eco-Power, this means you will have to place down a magma block, have a water source block on top of it, and above this place down the steam turbine. Steam turbine generators generate energy based on the material the turbine block is made of. At the moment, there are 3 different types of turbines, those are Simple, Advanced and Carbonado. As steam turbine generators will use up the water source block, it is recommended to build it so the water source block automatically refills, for example like in the picture on the side. For connecting it to an energy network, you will have to connect up the actual turbine head to your energy system!

Wind Turbine Generators

Wind turbine generators are also multiblocks that generate power out of the force of the wind. To set them up, you will have to place 2 fences on each other and the wind turbine head on top. They also come in 3 different tiers like steam turbines, each of those increasing the energy generated. For wind turbine generators working, there must not be any blocks next to the wind turbine head itself. If a wind turbine generator is working, it will emit white particles which look like wind whirls. To connect wind turbine generators to an energy network, the wind turbine heads will have to be connected to the energy network!

Lightning Generators

The lightning generator is an endgame generator to create loads of energy from lightning. If a lightning strikes the generator, it will generate a certain amount of energy per strike. Please note that this generator won't work with the island setting “Always Rain”, as this is only a visual feature and will not affect the actual minecraft weather, therefore it will not always generate energy.

Upgraded Solar Panels + Solar Helmet

Eco-Power provides additional solar panels to slimefun, with each of them having a special ability. Their recipes are built on the strongest solar panel in regular slimefun, the energized solar panel, with each solar tier needing at least one of the tiers below it to craft it. The lunar generator is the lowest eco-power solar panel, it will run only at night. The second tier is the high-energy solar generator, which will run all day and night and generates the same amount of energy as a nuclear reactor. The most powerful solar panel is the radiant solar generator, generating the same power as a nether star reactor. These two generators will run all day and night at their maximum rate!

The high-energy solar helmet is a helmet which is crafted from a high-energy solar generator. It will automatically charge chargeable items in your inventory when worn!

Created by marvjosh