Using/Navigating the Slimefun Guide

Using/Navigating the Slimefun Guide

The Slimefun Guide is an essential tool on every Slimefun based gamemode and you can't start without it!

Acquiring the guide

For starters, you need the Slimefun Guide. To acquire it you simply type the command /sf guide. A book will be placed in your inventory called "Slimefun Guide". If you right-click it, a GUI will pop-up like the one in the image to the right


In the middle of the screen you see the recipe for the ore crusher, found in the Slimefun Guide under Basic Machines. To the left should be a brick, a brick always means the machine should be built in the world. However, if the brick is something else, hover over it. It will display which machine you need to craft the item. At the bottom you see what the crafted machines can be used for.

Created by Lukatjee