Automated Coolant Cells

Automated Coolant Cells

If you need a consistent supply of coolant cells for your nuclear reactor, you have come to the right place!

This guide requires Cargo management to complete, see cargo management! for an example

List of Items:

  • 16 Buckets

  • 1 Endless Water Source (3x1 or 2x2)

  • 1 Fluid Pump

  • 4 Freezers

  • 5 Input Nodes

  • 6 Advanced Output Nodes

Step 1: Automating Ice

First of all, you will have to place down an endless water source. This can either be a 3x1 water source or a 2x2 one. Place down the fluid pump over the water source block that will regenerate. Then put buckets in the fluid pump - it will now start filling up the buckets. Send the full water bucket to the first freezer. It will then freeze the water to ice, which can then be used for building or in the next step. Make sure to send the empty buckets to the fluid pump using cargo afterwards, so your system will always run!

Step 2: Automating Coolant Cells

We can now use the ice from step 1 to refine them to coolant cells. Send the ice to the second freezer, which will produce packed ice. The packed ice will then have to be sent to the third freezer, where it will be compacted into blue ice. In the last step you need to send the blue ice to the fourth and last freezer, where the final product, the coolant cells will be created. From there you can directly send the coolant cells to your nuclear generator (reactor access point) or your storage!

Created by Asriel_dmr
Reworked by marvjosh