The Block

The Block Grinder Build Guide

Having trouble making the block mob grinder? This guide will help you in making one!

The Block

The block is the standard, go to grinder to make when you start off, it's cheap, simple, and easy to make.

It is however, slower than several grinder alternatives that exist out there, it is also a little hard to conceal, make look pretty, or upgrade.


First, you want to make your killzone, you can tamper with this as much as you want really, the basics are simple:

  1. Place a chest

  2. Put some hoppers leading into it

  3. Slabs on top of the hoppers

  4. Block off the region above the slabs as displayed in the image to the right

Make sure you place this in a desirable place, with plenty of space above it, or else it might collide with other builds or structures you have around.

It may be a good idea to hook this up to a cargo network, or Networks, or even more chests, to make sure you don't run out of space.

Drop tube

Once that's done, you wanna make a long "tube" upwards.

The tube's job is to drop the mobs to a certain hp before being killed, make sure the mobs to drop anywhere less than 23 blocks (22 to keep them on half a heart), Do keep in mind though that spiders have 16 hp, meaning they need to fall only 18 blocks to stay on half a heart.

It’s usually better if you allow them to survive with one heart instead, since sometimes water causes the mobs to bounce and fall an extra block , occasionally killing them if they drop at half a heart.

This step is not necessary, however it is better since mobs can only spawn at a certain distance away from the player. (24 blocks)


Then, you need to make a canal, it is 9 blocks tall to the side, and is 2 blocks high, with water flowing from one end into the center, as displayed in the image.

Mobs are fine with dropping into water as long as they don't take damage, therefore signs/trapdoors are in fact not necessary, but that's up to you to place down.

You want to repeat this step on all 4 sides, so you would have a plus sign shaped

Dark room

Finally, you want to make the dark room, which is simply just filling the gaps between each canal in a square shape, then adding walls and a roof, things to make sure of:

  1. The walls are adjacent to where the water source is

  2. The roof is high enough for 2 blocks of space

  3. the room is completely dark and has no light at all

That's it!

Congratulations! You have made yourself a block mob grinder, wait at the bottom and soon enough mobs will start dropping down to the killzone, killing them should be easy considering they took quite a hefty amount of fall damage.

It is advised to use swords instead of axes as they deal aoe damage, especially with the sweeping edge enchant, as it will allow mobs to die much faster.

Created by Katakalysm