The Observer Tower

The Observer Tower Guide

Have no idea how to make your observer tower grinder? You've come to the right place!

Observer tower

Put simply, observer towers are a tower of layering dark rooms, with dispensers and observers rhythmically place water to push mobs aside into a collection area, down the drain into the killzone, allowing you to swing freely at their feet for some sweet loot.

The materials to making this is simple, many building blocks, observers, dispensers and water buckets, alongside serious dedication, as this might be a hassle to make, but will be worth your time.


To start off, you need to make a killzone, with a collection area right above it, if the killzone is 1x1 or 3x3, you may want to make the collection area 21x21 to keep it simple, make sure you don't have any spiders if you decide to make it 1x1, whereas if the hole is 2x2, you can make the collection area 20x20 (Does not include the borders)

Use signs in the center to prevent the water from entering the hole, and make sure the blocks above the hole is dry, since mobs tend to float instead of fall.

Make sure to only use 4 water source blocks in every corner, and procedurally make the water extend itself by falling, this prevents infinite water sources from being created, as well as backwards water flow.

Redstone clock

Then, you want to make a platform at least 4 blocks above the water, to prevent mobs from colliding with it, and setup a redstone clock.

Any clock works, a good one to use though is the hopper clock, as it allows you to fine tune how long each cycle lasts, by increasing how many items are inside the hopper.

To make a hopper clock, make 2 hoppers face each other, with a comparator coming out from each into a block, with redstone next to that block, and 2 sticky pistons fighting over a redstone block between them, for more details you can check out Advanced Grinders

Once that's done, you want to place an observer on top of the redstone block, if you are using any other clock, you want to place the observer above any block that updates every cycle.

Place an empty dispenser on the observer and that's all you have to do here for now.

Stacking pancakes!

Now, you want to make a platform around that observer, one block beneath the dispenser, making the dispenser stick out by one block in the middle, make the platform an 8 block radius into every direction, a good way to know if you are doing it right, is by placing water on top of the dispenser, and making sure no water falls off the platform, while also making sure not a single block is dry.

Once you're done, place a block on the dispenser, with an observer facing it, and another dispenser on top, as shown in the image.

Remove the block below, and place a bucket of water in the dispenser, and repeat this step! You can do this as many times as you want, since mobs can spawn as long as the chunk is loaded, and all of them will drop into the collection area.

You can remove the water afterwards.

Roof for pancakes?

Once you reach a desirable height, you need to make a similar platform to the last step, without a dispenser in the center, then add an extra 15 blocks to each side, in other words you want to make a 45x45 diamond shaped platform above the tower, this is necessary to prevent light from getting into any block on the platform, you can make it bigger, but the minimum is 45x45.

You may also want to prevent mobs from spawning on the roof, so a handy tip is to place a water source on the center, and add torches on each end of the water source one block extra, this will make sure every single block on the roof has a light level greater than 0, while still making it organized.

Almost forgot

Remember the dispenser that we put above the redstone clock? To activate the grinder, all you have to do is make sure the clock is still active, and place a water bucket in there, now the dispenser/observer train will activate and de-activate with each loop, and mobs will be pushed aside with the water, allowing for mobs to respawn in their place once the water is removed again.

You can easily expand this by making more pillars, leading to the same collection area instead of the killzone, by making water slides that direct them into a killzone.

That's all!

This sums up the guide for the observer tower, congratulations!

You can wait near the killzone for mobs to collect, and start killing them, make sure you have enough storage space to collect the loot as there is a hefty amount of loot to obtain.

Created by Katakalysm