Introduction to Mob Grinders

You most likely have heard about mob grinders before, but what are they exactly? This intro will give you a quick rundown on everything you need to know before you start!

Mob grinders

Mob grinders are mechanisms that allow you use the vanilla spawning system of Minecraft to your advantage, and obtain loot from naturally spawning mobs of the dark, as well as reap experience, karma, and tinker levels, mob grinders are especially vital to most if not all Skyfactory playthroughs, and are essential to your progression.

How they work, is usually making mobs naturally spawn in a dark room, with traps, redstone, or baits laid around to allow an easier time killing the mobs that have spawned, such as signs, pistons, trip wire hooks, etc.
People often get creative in the making of a mob grinder so the possibilities are infinite.

One very important rule to keep in mind at all times when making a grinder, is the fact that mobs only spawn at the light level of 0, and several mobs have conditions on spawning, for example biome and space, which we will go over later on in the guide.

You can check the current light level of the block you are standing on, by pressing F3 (Java only), and looking to the left, under "Client light", where it details what the light level is, and if the light source is the sky or a block.

Another rule you need to keep in mind, mobs do not spawn when they are in a 24 block radius of the player.

Mob grinders consist of several major components:

  1. Dark room

  2. Canal

  3. Killzone

Dark room

Just as the name implies, it's simple a dark enclosed room that allows mobs to spawn in freely, it often contains contraptions that group the mobs up to drop them either into a canal or directly to the killzone.

(Ignore the dolphin, they just came to visit)


The canal is the pathway that moves mobs to a desired location, usually to the killzone, Canals usually use flowing water to push mobs, however some other methods include pistons or lava instead.

Water is your best bet though, you really only want to use other methods when water is not an option (For example, blazes die to water)


This is where you will spend the majority of your time after building the grinder, you'll hang out down here, smacking mobs at their ankles, mobs are often dropped into the killzone just enough to take some damage, but not enough to kill them, just enough to keep them alive for you to deal the final blow.

Killzones often have hoppers with slabs on top to collect all the mob drops, and leave them all in a chest.

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