Liquid Tanks

Liquid Tanks Guide

Not sure what liquid tanks are? Maybe you do and just don't know how to use them or maybe you're simply just interested in seeing if there's anything about them you didn't know about. Either way this guide is for you!

Liquid tanks let you store various liquids in a custom hopper. This lets you do cool things like transfer liquids across a distance for various uses such as feeding yourself, fueling your furnaces or even cure yourself of all effects! Liquid tanks even work with redstone for better control of your hopper systems to control where liquid flows to. You can even put a chest above them with the liquid to fill up the tanks! So if you put a chest of water buckets above a liquid tank it will fill up the tank with water and empty the buckets!

Making a Liquid Tank

Well how do you make these amazing contraptions? It's actually a pretty simple recipe and you can also find them in crates! As you can see by the image to the right all you need is 7 Glass, 1 Hopper and 1 Redstone Comparator. You can just craft this in the crafting table like normal! But how do you get each individual type of tank? Just fill it with the liquid of choice and it automatically becomes that type of tank (Until it's empty again). Read on to learn more about each invidual type!

Water Tank

This tank, as you can probably guess, stores water! It can store up to 10 buckets of water and even works as a "fluid pump" of sorts where it sucks source blocks above it into itself. This lets you create an infinite source above the tank in which the tank will fill itself up. (As seen in the picture above) If you stand under it while on fire and then provide it a redstone signal it will extingiush the fire (consuming some water in the process) as if you were standing in water. You can point it into other hoppers for a system that holds even more water than just 10 buckets at a time and to move your water around! Check out the image to the right to see an example!

Example of water tanks flowing into each other to move water. You can use redstone to toggle on/off if it moves water!

Magma cubes filling up lava tanks.

Lava Tank

This is probably one of the tanks you will use the most. Not only does it allow you to store up to 10 buckets of lava; you can use it to fuel your furnaces! A lava tank can fill itself up using source blocks above it or alternatively you can put a magma cube above it. As they hop around they'll fill up the lava tanks, the biggest one filling a 2x2 by itself! Magma cubes will also never die so feel free to name tag them so they don't despawn!

Furnace being fueled by lava tank; in a normal furnace it would take up a third of a bucket and smelt 33 items, also redstone toggleable.

EXP Tank

Needed a way to store your experience so you don't lose it when you die or just for later use? Look no further! These tanks will store up to 30 levels. If you want to get your exp back just stand below them and activate them with a redstone signal.

Rabbit Stew & Beetroot Soup Tanks

These can each hold 16 bowls of soup/stew. If you've automated making the soup/stew you can use the before mentioned method of putting a chest above it with the soup/stew to fill it up. If you stand below these tanks and activate them with redstone it will give you saturation and consume 1 bowl! Helpful if you hate dragging food around with you in your inventory.

Milk & Mushroom Stew Tanks

Just like with the rabbit stew and beetroot soup tanks the mushroom stew tank can only hold 16 bowls. It will also feed you if you stand under it and activate it how, however you can fill it simply by keeping a mushroom above your tank! With the milk tank you can only hold 10 buckets of milk however this also can be filled by simply putting a cow above the tank. If you stand under this tank and activate it it will negate all your current effects just like drinking a bucket of milk would!

Dragonbreath Tank

Last but not least (well .. maybe least) we have the dragonbreath tank. As far as I know this tank doesn't really do much but it's a handy way to store all your bottles of dragonbreath I suppose. Plus it looks pretty! This tank stores up to 30 bottles of dragonbreath at a time.

The End

Hopefully this guide cleared up some things for you or taught you something new! Feel free to check out our other guides on here, we do our best to try to bring you quality guides with as much information as possible!

Created by CrystalNeko