Chest Shops Guide

Chest Shops Guide

Want to make a shop at your base to sell items to other players, or even buy items from other players?

Getting Started

Chest shops are a convenient and simple way to sell and buy things from and to other players. All you need to get started are some chests and wooden signs. All chests work when making chest shops, whether custom or vanilla chests. Even barrels will work! All you will need to do is place the sign on the chest while crouching, so it won’t just private the chest, and use the right format to set it up. Do keep in mind that since barrels can only have 1 type of item, it does not work with barter shop since that requires the use of 2 items.

How to set one up

To set a chest shop up once you have the tools is simple, you just type on the sign the correct format depending on which type of shop you are interested in creating. Whether that is a buy shop, a sell shop, a combo shop which allows for both the purchase and sale of an item, or a barter shop:


[shop] [shop] [shop] [shop]

Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity item 1

Price Price Buy/Sell Price Quantity item 2

Buy Sell combo barter

In these formats, the quantity is the amount of the thing you want to sell at once. Price is the cost to buy/sell the amount specified in quantity, and the last line specifies whether you are buying said item, selling it, doing both or bartering. After the sign is made properly, it will show in red on the chest, that is when you give it the item you want the shop to be about. You give it the item you want to sell/buy by left clicking the red chest sign with the desired item on hand.

If you did it correctly, the sign will change accordingly to show the item you have selected as being in the sign for the chest shop. From there you can fill the chest with the desired item to sell, or leave it empty for buying from others.

  • Combo on the very left

  • Selling beside this on the left

  • Bartering beside this on the right

  • Buying on the very right

Do keep in mind that if you type the format for your shop but fail to add an item within a minute or two the chest shop creation will time out, shown as this:

Once that happens you just need to break the sign and place it again.


Bartering is a fascinating and different way to create a chest shop, it allows you to trade items instead of buying or selling for the game currency. So if you want to sell an item but only want a specific other item in return then this is the option for you. The format is as simple as the others, quantity stays where it was, and instead of price you write the quantity of the other item that you want for what you are offering. Once the format is confirmed you will need to left click the sign with both items, first the one you are offering, then the one you want in exchange.

Do keep in mind that when making a chest shop the format has to be written on the first space in each line, if you add a space before typing your quantity or price it will not recognize that as a positive number and fail to set up a shop properly. So type the values first place in each line.

Created by DarkLinkS