Chat Guide

Chat Guide

What are Channels?

Channels are a system that splits up the chat into separate channels for a more controlled and organized chat!

How many Channels are there?

We currently have 2 separate channels, they are; local and global. We also have a staff channel however obviously only staff can see that!

What does each channel do?

Global - This is a “bungeecord channel”, meaning that everyone on the whole network will be able to see your message, unless they /ignored you.

Local - This is essentially “normal chat”, everyone on your specific server will be able to see and send messages here. For example, if PlayerA sends a message on Creative, only players on creative will be able to see it.

Channel Commands

  • /ch (channel) - This allows you to listen and speak in a certain channel (However for creative you will need to do /chp for public chat as it was interfering with the plot plugin)


Send messages privately to other players! It’s really easy!

Messages Commands

  • /msg [player] - this sends a message to a player

  • /r [player] - this sends a reply message to the most recent person that messaged you.

  • /ignore [playername] - prevents a player from sending you a message. Use /ignore again to unignore them.

  • /ignore list - see everyone you have ignored.

Island Chat

On Aurora, you will have your own island chat channel to communicate with your island members! That way, you can talk about goals or what you want to do without having to bother or confuse the public chat! To use it, simply use /is tc to toggle every message going in there on and off, or ue /is tc [message] to just type a single message in there!


This is a fantastic feature where you can send both offline and online players messages!

Mail Commands

  • /mail list - Shows any new mail messages.

  • /mail list all - Shows all mail messages, even the ones you already have read.

  • /mail <player> <message> - this sends another player a message

  • /mail del <all/read/#number> - this deletes your mail messages.

Other Chat Features

  • /showitem or /si - Type this in chat while holding an item to show it off to other players!

  • /showinventory or /sinv - Type this in chat to show off your whole inventory to the server! [Warlock+]

  • /nick [nickname] - Change your displayed name when typing in chat! [Shaman+]

  • This also works with color codes [Evoker+] and bolding your name! [Sorcerer+]

  • Chat in colors! Using color codes in front of your messages will make the message appear in the color you choose! [Sorcerer+]

Note: Colored nicks and chat work with both color codes (see picture below) and hexcodes. To use hexcodes, use {#hexcode} instead of the color code!

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