Barrels & Custom Chests

Barrels & Custom Chests Guide

Did you ever want to know how to organize your storage more efficiently? This guide will show you the possibilities to do so!


Barrels are chests with custom recipes that allow you to store large quantities of one specific item. Barrels can be identified by the custom particles around it, which can be seen in the picture on the side. There are 5 different types of barrels available, with each tier being crafted with the lower tier one and increasing the amount of items a barrel can hold.

  • Small Barrel (64 Stacks, 4096 Items)

  • Medium Barrel (128 Stacks, 8192 Items)

  • Large Barrel (256 Stacks, 16384 Items)

  • Extra Large Barrel (512 Stacks, 32768 Items)

  • Void Barrel (Infinite Stacks / Items)

The recipes of all barrels can be seen at /warp Barrels and are crafted in a standard workbench.

Barrels themselves can be accessed by the middle slot of their gui. In this middle slot you can place items to store them in the barrel, or click the empty slot to obtain items from the barrel. This also works with shift-clicking! The gui also provides additional information like which item is stored, the type of the barrel and the quantity of items currently in the barrel.

Barrels also work with cargo, so they are the perfect solution to store items that you have automated!

Custom Chests

With custom chests there is the possibility to store a much larger amount of items in a single chest! There are now 5 types of ore chests (iron, gold, diamond, emerald, netherite), each single upgrade supplying you with an additional page to store items in. To craft one of these chests, you have to simply take the chest of a lower tier (standard chest for iron, iron chest for gold and so on) and surround it with 8 blocks of the material of the tier you want to craft it into! You can also find these recipes at /warp chests.

For switching forth and back between the pages of custom chests, you just have to click outside of the GUI of it. Right clicking will up the chest page by 1, while left clicking will lower the page by 1. Custom chests also work with cargo, so together with barrels they are a great way to create compact and efficient storage solutions!

Crafting Barrels/Chests

The highest tier of barrel or chest you can craft is dependant on your karma rank. With higher karma ranks you can craft better custom chests or barrels. With void barrel being unlocked at immortal/eternal and netherite chest being unlocked at immortal/eternal.

Created by marvjosh