Using #Create-Application

How to Create an Application

Looking to apply for staff but not sure on where or how to? This is the guide for you. Here we explain where you can find the applications and how to create one. Note: This guide will not include tips on how to get accepted for staff. View Guide to Applying for Staff if you want tips on how to increase your chances!

Choosing What Rank to Apply For

Before you can apply you need to figure out what rank you want to become staff for. We have multiple various ranks such as artist, youtuber/streamer, architect and finally moderation. Once you have an idea of what you want to apply for you can get started. Just go to #create-application and read the channel carefully to find the rank you're looking to apply for.

Creating the Application

Now you know where to find it and what rank you want to become but you're not sure on how to actually create the application. Once you have located the rank you're applying for in the channel, simply click the reaction below the rank and it will create a new channel near the bottom of the server channel list. Go to that channel and you can start filling out the application to become staff.

Note: Please follow the entire format. If you do not we will just bother you to answer the questions anyway, we ask the questions because they are necessary information to have. If we did not require said information we would not put it in the format. Thank you!

Created By: CrystalNeko