Using #Create-Appeals

How to Create an Appeal

Did a big bad? Looking to get unpunished? Not sure how to do so? Look no further! Here we will explain how to create an appeal and look towards getting unpunished.


Before we can get into making an appeal. Do not even bother making an appeal if your attitude is that of one that you did nothing wrong. Staff are human yes and mistakes are prone to happen but our staff team is trained to take proper evidence before issuing a punishment and if you create an appeal with a bad attitude you will most likely be declined even if you weren't correctly punished. We do not accept appeals from entitled attitudes. So come in respectful and we will treat you with respect.


This technically goes hand in hand with the before mentioned attitude but if you lie we reserve the right to decline your appeal. Again our staff is trained to take proper evidence before issuing a punishment. If they issued a punishment it means they have crystal clear evidence you were breaking rules in some way. Lying will only piss staff off for wasting our time, possibly get you ticket exempt if not banned. So if you're going to open an appeal just to lie don't bother.

Creating an Appeal

You can create an appeal for any punishment. I wouldn't recommend it for a warn however or something about to expire as a warn is a pretty minor offense and if a punishment is about to expire then it may expire before your appeal is accepted/declined.

Something an appeal cannot be used for is to clear your history of offenses. Any punishment issued is permanently on your history. So if you don't want it on your history do not break the rules. Appeals are not for conveniently getting unpunished whenever you want.

Finally if you want to create an appeal simply go to #create-appeals and click the reaction button at the very bottom. I HIGHLY recommend reading the guidelines above the button however before you make an appeal if you want to increase the success chance of getting accepted.

Filling in an Appeal

You've create your appeal but that's not where it ends. You need to fill it in if you have any hope of getting it accepted. At the very top of the channel thats created when you make an appeal is a message from the bot. There will be a format to fill in. Put the information it asks for.

Want to increase the chance of being accepted? Be truthful, realize your actions were wrong, make a proper apology explain why your actions were wrong. Don't just put the minimal amount of information required to make an appeal else we will likely decline your appeal. Even more if you don't take it seriously (Don't crack jokes etc., to us that means you're not taking it seriously).


Once you appeal is filled in you just need to wait. Don't make any comments on your appeal once it's filled in unless you're asked to; don't mention your appeal to any staff. If you mention your appeal it will be immediately declined. Making comments will lower the success of getting your appeal accepted as well. Just wait patiently as the team discusses whether to accept your appeal or not. We have reasons for some appeals taking a while.


Finally a staff member has replied to your appeal and let you know if you're accepted or denied. Keep in mind if you get accepted it is not a free pass to break rules again. Breaking the same rule just gets a stricter punishment applied to you. If it's a constant issue it can even get you permanently banned or muted. Appeals are not to be taken lightly.

If you happen to get denied do not make a fuss or complain. If it is a long punishment (For example a permanent ban) you can always try reappealing in the future. Making a fuss or complain will most likely make us give you ticket exempt meaning you won't even be able to make appeals in the future. Do not attempt to make another appeal immediately as it will just be declined immediately and possibly get you ticket exempt as well if you continue to do it. Wait a week or two c:

Note: If we do accept an appeal it does not mean you will be instantly unpunished. Sometimes we only lessen the punishment. I.E. from a week to a day.

Created By: CrystalNeko