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Miscellaneous Information on Voidrealm's Discord Roles

Ever confused on what the different roles on discord mean? Look no further than this guide. Here we'll explain what roles are.

Staff Ranks

This should be fairly self explainable but we'll go over it anyway. To the right you'll find a list of all our roles on the discord for the staff team.

Red Roles

These are the highest of the highest ranks. The owner ofc owns the server and manages everything. However he is just one man and cannot manage everything so he has a manager (as seen below the rank) to help him manage staff matters. Under no circumstances should you personally message these roles unless they expressly say to. These people are very busy working on bringing new additions to the server for you so if you bother them you are wasting their time and slowing down updates.


These are our moderation branch roles. These guys are your go-to people. If you have an issue with the server you should really be opening a ticket for support not personally messaging these guys (Tickets are for your own safety and logging information) however if you see them online on the server feel free to ask them for help! They will send information from you the players to the big guys when necessary as well as logging bugs and such on our trello for the big guys to fix c:

Orange Roles

These are our support branch roles. Despite being the support branch they are still just as important to the team as much as any other role. Developers help develop content on the server and fix bugs while builders/srbuilders build the amazing structures you'll see on the server like the hub or server spawns. SrBuilders also lead the build team, providing instruction for the other builders on what to do.


Artists are who make art for our website and store. They also dabble in other things like making tags on the server or naming items and such you'll see on the server. The media rank is for youtubers and twitch streamers. Both of these ranks are equally important as other ranks as youtubers/twitch are needed to help advertise the server more and without artists the server would be very dull looking.

Wiki Editors

These guys well... edit this wiki! Without these guys you wouldn't have the information you see here. Be sure to give a big thanks when you see one if you really enjoy the guides they output c:

Content Teams

It is unfortunate but on occasion we will only have 1 builder, 1 artist, 1 wiki editor etc. So we created a content team role to give to content creators (Media/Artist/Builder/Wiki Editor) so instead of going 1 channel for 1 person we can refer to one channel for everyone. This is of course only on the rare occasion our team is running small.

Above is the staff roles
Staff team on the member list.

Punishment Roles

These are the roles we assign people who break rules or can not use features of the server properly. Remember that being able to make suggestions or make tickets for support is a privilege not a requirement. If you can't properly use these systems you'll be given one of the exempt roles. Muted people are of course muted when they break chat rules.

Nitro Roles

These are roles given to people who nitro boost the discord. They are custom made per their request excluding Server Booster which is automatically assigned upon boosting.

If you're looking to obtain one of these roles simply boost the server ONCE and you can request one of these roles. For more information please visit our Nitro Boosting Guide!

Note: These roles are a privilege and not a requirement, we reserve the right to take away your role.

Donator Roles

These roles are given to those who linked their discord account to minecraft (Visit How to Link for more information) and have bought a rank on the server. Each role is given the corresponding color/name to the rank given ingame.

Other Roles

Member/Player/Level roles are all miscellaneous roles. Visit How to Link and Level Guide for more information on Member/Level roles

The player role is just the default role used to give you access to the server c:

Hopefully this guide cleared up some things for you on the many various roles you can find on our discord! Enjoy your time on the server! Remember if theres ever anything you need assistance with you can always make a ticket (#create-ticket channel)

Created By: CrystalNeko