Making Suggestions

How to Make Acceptable Suggestions

Trying to make a suggestion for the server? It either gets downvoted by the majority or gets immediately reject by staff? Or maybe you're just not sure how to make the suggestion? Look no further. Here we'll go into detail on how to make a suggestion and how to make it look appealing enough to accept it!

Following the Format

First things first; in order to make a suggestion just type in the #suggestions channel like normal. Keep in mind though it will be IMMEDIATELY declined if it does not follow our format. Below I will provide the format for you to follow.


It may be a simple format but it is pretty important to follow as we cannot implement a suggestion without knowing what server it is on. It also makes it much easier for someone to find the server your suggestion is on and vote for it if it's as the very top (Someone who only plays aurora isn't going to care about your survival suggestion you know?)

Making your Suggestion Appealing

Now it's time to get into the fun part. Making your suggestion something worthwhile to think over and possibly get accepted. There are a few rules to keep in mind when making an appealing suggestion.

Suggestion Rules

  1. Details - Always try to provide as many details as you can to your suggestion. Worst case scenario we don't follow your suggestion to the word. But it still gives us a good idea of what you want and how to implement it.

  2. Is it possible? - Pretty much anything is possible however keep in mind that depending on how much work it might take or how much it would change it may not get accepted, or it may end up sitting for a while. At the time of writing this we are a small team so taking the time to make custom changes would take too much time away from updating other aspects of the server.

  3. Does it remove a feature? - The worst thing you can do is suggest to remove a feature. Removing features are worst case scenario and if you ever make a suggestion to remove a feature it better be a damn good suggestion and reasoning on why. You should always make suggestions on changes to features instead of suggesting we completely remove it.

  4. Pros and Cons - List some pros and cons to your suggestion. Don't try to sweeten the deal though by listing more pros than cons, try to list an equal number of each if you can. This makes people consider your suggestion more and possibly get discussions running.

  5. Length - Length isn't a big deal, you can have it be detailed without it being super wordy but you do know that if your suggestion is only a few words long something isn't right.

So you know the rules on how to make an appealing suggestion. Now how do you practice these rules? Below I will make a sample suggestion then explain in detail how I used the rules.

Server: Network
Add a global total onlinetime and a local total onlinetime.

What I mean is, the global onlintime will show your total online time across all servers. The Local total onlinetime will show your total online time on individual servers. So if you were on say survival and checked your local total onlinetime, it will show your total time playing on survival.

Reason: You can't see your online time per server, this would let a player see how active they are on servers and use it for various reasons such as for example making an application and showing how active you are on a certain mode or just showing off to other players, increasing player interaction.


  • Allows players to see how active they are on their favorite servers

  • Allows players to see their total activity


  • Possibly requires multiple plugins(?) which may cause conflicts

  • Would take up development time for a small feature with little impact

For the sake of keeping things separate, everything in italics is the suggestion. As you can see I listed my pros and cons, I followed the format by providing the server and a summary of my suggestion, then I added details to explain my idea. Ways I could improve the idea is by adding possible resources that can be used to implement this (Looking for updated plugins that make it possible) as well as mentioning what the commands to view the online time could be. So while it is not the best suggestion, it is a ton better than most suggestions made. (At the time of writing this most suggestions are a few words long simply saying to add or remove something)

Now you understand the ins and outs of creating a suggestion. You may think it's a waste of time to write a more detailed suggestion but that sort of thinking wastes our time which wastes your time even more. Instead of us accepting your suggestion and implementing it, we end up arguing with you over why we can't do this and explaining why making a detailed suggestion is important. Which means we're spending less time on developing your favorite server meaning you won't get to experience the many additions we have planned.

Created By: CrystalNeko